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May 3, 2014 10:00am EDT
these previously and accessible reserves. >> the u.s. just asked russia -- passed russia for number two. we are going to be number one. >> there are some new more jobs being created. i think they have run out of work. i am not sure we can build their roads to help us get this production underway. it is revitalizing the manufacturing phase. west side investment management. we invest on behalf of our cleients. fracking will save america's youth from debt. fracking and the energy industry will create an additional 3.5 million jobs by 2020. >> it is not that simple. there are many real cases on the environment that need to be addressed. match.e day i lit a and the water, and fire. exempted from the clean water act ♪ >> companies are exempt from dispersing chemicals in these operations. under the clean water act, this would be required. e 1260 chemicals that could be added to this thing. >> i never had a problem until the gas company came. eight live ones, 10 dead ones. pallet. a cleft the cap that died there, the mother did not clean it off. the gas company says there is nothing wrong with
Apr 28, 2014 3:23am EDT
is bigger than france, it's bigger than russia. i am confident that we will defeat germany to $4 trillion. 16 million people work in it. seven out of the 10 smartest kids in the high school graduating class work and our health care system somewhere. so when people in washington bravely talk about reforming the health care system, the degrees of difficulty or its magnitude, this is way harder than iraq. is like invading a country the size of germany, and i think that's a little bit what is happening now. the main feature of this health economy for most of the last five years has been disinflation. frankly, something no one, including the futurists predicted, in 2009 our health system arrived at a rate of increase in health spending that we haven't seen in this country since dwight eisenhower was president of the united states. five years before medicare, and we stayed at that level of maybe 3.8, 3.9% increase in spending for five long years. the economists who believe this was a product of the recession will have trouble explaining why per capita medicare spending has trended down towards
Apr 27, 2014 6:55am EDT
the statement that now just we have one way to create another wave of protestant russia. it could happen not necessarily tomorrow maybe in one year, maybe in two years. and people understand. and the failure of putin to perform as he promised to people in his propaganda vis-a-vis ukraine would be another failure and there would be another disappointment of people that's what would speed up the whole collapse of the regime. that's why just a lot of different circumstances and things we should deal with simultaneously but in this case just the west in general position i would say principled position is absolutely necessary. >> thank you very much. there are a lot more questions in the audience but we have run out of our hour. so i'm going to have to bring this to a close. let me just first thank you. and as david cramer said at the beginning, thank you for your own courage in coming here to the atlantic council to continue this conversation. i will say the atlantic council has been a platform for these debates. we've heard one perspective, ip viting other government officials to the stage
Apr 26, 2014 4:30pm EDT
stuff. china, right? now putin, now he is the most evil thing. >> russia. so much propaganda. usell of these governments the same dreary argument -- national security. they all say they are making their people safer. they say the people telling the other side art -- are traitors. you have to get into a basic idea from the founders and i know they were flawed. my wife will tell me on the way home. the fact is they were an incredible group of people. what was incredible about them is they knew basic truths. you cannot have an empire and a republic in the same moment. that is key. the whole idea of limited government is if you're going to conquer the world and you're going to have power, you are going to lie. and you're going to engage, messing around the people's lives, you will become responsible and you will have to torture. so the way you do that is to have the notion of limited government, restraint, the right of the individual. that is why define the opposition to this thing is not liberal or conservative or democrat or republican. i don't know. snowden is a libertarian. what i s
Apr 26, 2014 2:00pm EDT
"the communicators," russia blackburn, jared polis, and steve scully's. >> are ever on saturday the first conversation i had with a group of people was not about where you are from, what your school is like, but it was about our beliefsitics, on education and religion. after that moment, i was like oh "wow, this will be intense. the we have talked about politics, our experiences, will we have learned, who we met, and this is an expense i'll never forget. >> i have always been cynical about it. i always thought i could never go that far in politics. it is such a caustic environment. slowly, with different people that i have met, i have chipped away at that opinion, and thought maybe i do want to make a difference and run for something local, state and local in my community because like president obama said yesterday, he told us do not get cynical because this nation does not need more cynical people. that will not help us relieve the problems that we have. >> one of the things that get run up a lot about our generation -- social media. we are able to express opinions easily. we can send a
Search Results 0 to 4 of about 5